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Jaeger-LeCoultre - Marc Newson Visits the SIHH | World ActivitiesPress release 
Jerôme Lambert, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Marc Newson.
  ATMOS clockObjet d'Art given that 1928 hublot . The Atmos clock is intimately certain up with time by itself watch tools . Initially of all, by way of its system that is pushed by infinitely small successive changes in temperature. And secondly through its fashion, which has brought it majestically and serenely with the many years for over 80 a long time. Just the oscillations of its annular harmony along with the frequent dance of its arms provide as sutble reminders that the time is still turning. Two new creations sublimate the spirit of a selection by having an pretty much perpetual system that remains an impressive complex feat to today. A person is really a re-edition of a nineteen thirties clock, along with the other a recent piece in Baccarat crystal created by Marc Newson. Both of those specific the language of time through a pure style and design that exalts its inherent complexity.In 1928, the engineer Jean-Leon Reutter defied actual physical legal guidelines by devising a clock motion designed to operate for a number of generations devoid of putting on out or demanding any exterior intervention. Fascinated by this revolutionary invention, Jaeger-LeCoultre used its manufacturing capabilities to perfecting the mechanism and handling its development. The Atmos clock was born.Today, though continually refined, the basic principle will be the same as ever: the vitality needed to drive the clock is equipped by adjustments in temperature. The trick lies in a hermetically sealed capsule containing a gaseous mixture originally mercury that dilates when the temperature rises and contracts when in drops. At the side of the clock's mainspring, the capsule functions for a mechanical lung which 'breathes' in and out, as well as in doing so winds the barrel in step with atmospheric fluctuations. Even a one-degree Celsius change is sufficient to warranty an entire 48-hour energy reserve. Its annular balance also operates in an amazingly economical manner: by oscillating just two times for each moment, its vitality use is 250 moments fewer than that of the typical wristwatch, which beats at a mean charge of three hundred vibrations per moment. This environmentally-friendly mechanism which was often much ahead of its occasions is so sparing that it could get 60 million Atmos clocks to equivalent the strength consumption of the 15-watt electrical bulb.This spectacular technical feat is matched by a design and style that evolves in step with the periods. Jaeger-LeCoultre has repeatedly progressed the Atmos line by imbuing it which has a potent aesthetic identification. Each individual design encompasses a clever blend of performance and elegance, lending an psychological and cultural dimension on the measurement of time. The new releases launched in 2010 also emphasize the Atmos odyssey in spectacular glass or crystal cases combining artwork, style and manufacturing expertise.Atmos Reedition 1930The Atmos Reedition 1930 is often a vivid tribute to Jean-Leon Reutter also to the period that witnessed the beginning of the amazing mechanism. While the model stays trustworthy on the initial clock, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers and designers are watchful to provide the Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 560 a means of expression worthy of its technical sophistication. Beneath its bell-shaped glass cabinet, the brass dial clearly proclaims its Art Deco heritage. Its understated magnificence is graced with black-tipped white fingers gliding more than thirties design handwritten numerals. A broad central opening reveals a glimpse from the intricate workings of your motion, and that is solely hand-decorated in line with the noblest high-quality watchmaking traditions. The pure, airy lightness emanating from this commemorative design is accentuated by a metal foundation that is definitely so great concerning be as nearly invisible rolex 116264 , making a feeling of your time basically standing continue to. The Atmos Reedition 1930 is issued within a restricted sequence of three hundred.Atmos 566 by Marc NewsonTwo decades back, to mark the eightieth anniversary of your Atmos, the Australian designer Marc Newson was given carte blanche to revamp the famous clock: surrounded by a Baccarat crystal bubble, the pure, modern curves from the Atmos 561 by Marc Newson commanded speedy notice.
Atmos 561 by Marc Newson.
  This yr, the artist wished to resume his cooperation with Jaeger-LeCoultre. Entranced by the magic of advanced horological mechanisms, he has picked to lend a new encounter to Calibre 566 which was highlighted while in the Atmos Astronomique introduced in 2008. The result is truly majestic: the Atmos 566 by Marc Newson transforms Baccarat crystal right into a next skin. Two versions in constrained collection of 28, enlarge this come upon concerning up to date artwork and high-quality craftsmanship, and concerning know-how and aesthetics.The generously proportioned cupboard allows light-weight to flood in and illuminate the challenging mechanism. The hrs and minutes rub shoulders while using the sky chart with the Northern hemisphere, while using the cardinal points and zodiac. The months are displayed on a rotating disc at 6 o'clock in conjunction with the equation of time. This certainly interesting product recounts infinity and conveys a way with the complete, transcending both time and place. Its sleek bubble encapsulates the merged production abilities of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Baccarat, coupled with the trendy inspiration of the legendary designer, and also the sophistication of the system powering its problems with an infinitely tiny amount of money of vitality This scarce and precious alchemist's mix transforms the Atmos 566 by Marc Newson right into a modern-day traditional and a real collector's objet d'art.Atmos 566 by Marc Newson : specialized characteristicsMovement:Mechanical, just about perpetual Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 566, crafted and assembled byhand309 partsAnnular equilibrium with 60-second oscillation periodFunctions:hour, minute, thirty day period, equation of timesky chart depicting the Northern hemisphere in conjunction with the cardinal points and zodiacsignsDial:with transferred sky chartHands:facetted baton-typeCabinet:bubble-shaped, made because of the Baccarat crystal maker and designed by Australiandesigner Marc NewsonReferences swiss replica watch :Q5165102, constrained collection of 28Q5165103, minimal collection of 28Atmos Reedition 1930: technical characteristicsMovement:mechanical, just about perpetual Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 560, crafted and assembled byhand217 partsannular balance with a 60-second oscillation periodFunctions:hour, minuteDial:silvered with black numeralsHands:re-edition handsCabinet:metal and glassReference:Q5175101, restricted collection of 300.

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